Tagible helps Travel Companies increase their conversion rates in the form of bookings by inspiring their customers to take action.

How it Works
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How it Works

Single Line of code

Integrate into Your Site in Minutes!

We know that your team has a lot on their plate and we don’t want to be one more thing .   We have designed and built our entire platform to integrate into your existing website within a few minutes.  All it takes is adding a single line of Javascript to your header and we take it from there.

Your Site is Full of Keyword Rich Text

Our software instantly and automatically goes to work analyzing the keywords on your product pages.  It quickly understands the concepts, topics, entities, keywords, taxonomy, sentiment and much more of each page.  We then set specific rules on what types of keywords we want to associate with rich media content.

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We Bring the Text on Your Pages to Life!

For each keyword on your pages that our system identifies we can make them interactive so that your site visitors can discover rich media content for that word.

We link each of your keywords to Rich Media Content

For keywords that are made interactive we display a custom branded media player on top of the page that provides the user with access to inspirational photos, videos and 360 views.  The media player keeps your users on your pages, allows people to share content back to your site and includes your Calls to Action.

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The Results

Powerful Features


Our single line of code installation takes only a few clicks and a few minutes.


Perfect for any device with pixel-perfect responsive design


When your users get inspired, they can easily share the content on their favorite social network.

Custom Media Player

We design your media player to be completely custom to your brand.


Artificial Intelligence is the key to extracting meaningful keywords out of your page and matching them to rich content.


No matter how many product pages your site has, we are built to scale.


Security of your product pages are our top concern and we have designed the product to only show the content that your team approves.


We have built in workflows for your team to be able to quickly and easily approve new keywords or content.

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